Cassiar Highway 650 miles


This morning we got up early and headed out for the cassiar highway. We’ve made a room reservation for the next night in Whitehorse, so were planning to ride to near the Cassiar and Alcan Highway junction today.



Whe we got to the Hyder junction on the Alcan we decided to detour over and checkout the Glaciers on the road to Stewart and Hyder.




















































I guess this glacier was in the movie insomnia. They built a house at the base for the movie and then tore it down.
























We decided to stop at Stewart because we didn’t want to deal with the border, Hyder is in Alaska. Doing this we did miss one of the more impressive glaciers. The people in Stewart asked if we saw bears coming in and I said no and she said I wasn’t looking hard enough. I looked harder on the way out and saw a black bear on the side of the road and he took off running away when he saw me. I took a pic but just got his butt as he scampered off. Apparently there are a lot of bears around Stewart, both Blacks and Grizzlies.


Up to this point today this morning the weather was good but the clouds were starting to role in and we got rain in Stewart and off and on for the remainder of the day.
























It’s about 10:00 now and we’ve been on the road for 15 hours. We pull into a town and think we can go to a restaurant or something and everything is closed. It took some getting used to, to have it be light out at 10:00 and I set my tent up and get in.





I think I took this picture after we pulled into camp at 11:00 at night.


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