Alcan to Whitehorse 250 miles


We were going to start out early today but I guess I was tired from 15 hours on the road yesterday. I ended up sleeping until 9:00AM and we headed out. The Alcan was a mere 50 miles away and we would find a place for breakfast somewhere on it.















We gassed up at the junction and as I was about to leave a rider approached and asked how the weather was up ahead. Yesterday was very cold and I suspected today would be no different.The rider ended up being Josephina, a german lady from Florida who had ridden a DR650 all the way from Florida by herself, and I thought I was crazy.













She ended up having breakfast and rode into Whitehorse with us. We had a hotel reservation and I was looking forward to sleeping in a bed. I have enough gas to ride all the way but 50 miles short I got a little worried about it and stopped and filled. Taking my gloves off I pulled the wires out of the heated and gloves and when I put them back on it shorted out the heated clothing. I figured the fuse was blown and I had spares packed away but didnít want to unpack to get at them. I ended up riding the remaining 50 miles in the freezing rain and came to appreciate the artificial heat Iíve been enjoying up until now.


Tomorrow will be busy. We preshipped knobbyís up to the River View Lodge and the manager, Bridgette was nice enough to store them in the basement. David sent his tires 2 weeks after I did and they never arrived. On the 30th day when he was able to file an insurance claim with the USPS they arrived. However, not before he had ordered another set and had them overnighted from the states. Now heís got 2 sets and has to either sell them or ship them back.



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