Seward Last day


After the Exit glacier we were all pretty much burnt out and didnít do much. The next night though we all went out and celebrated being in Seward at the Yukon tavern. Stephanie, in the center, showed up that day and joined up with us for the evening.
















The next morning I gave Stephanie a quick ride to the exit glacier for her hike and I lounged around camp the rest of the day. That night we listened to a band that were friends with Robyn over at a different club. The next morning I snapped a few pics of the area before I left. This mountain is Marathon Mountain and every July 4th in Seward they race up the mountain. You can see the trail up the face of the mountain and I guess they just race straight up the face.



This is the campground at the end of Seward where Iíve been staying for the last 4 days.



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