Homer 169 Miles


I headed out in the afternoon and was glad to get out because Seward was very hot that day. Once I got more into the kenai peninsula I staerted noticing how blue the rivers were, like unreal blue.

















The day was perfectly clear and a warm Sunday afternoon. The traffic was heavy and was a little unnerving as I headed towards Homer. Everyone was coming home and I was one of the only cars heading that way. I would come by long strings of cars on this 2 lane highway stuck behind one motorhome and I was just waiting for one of them to try to pass as I came by.


The day was so clear I could see all the way across the cook inlet and the volcanic mountains on the other side. Once I hit the ocean breeze things cooled down quickly but the day was still warm, just not sweltering like Seward was.




As I rounded the tip of the Kenai peninsula and headed into Homer I caught my first glimpse of the mountain ranges that frame the Homer area. Iíve heard a lot about the scenery here and it was definitely impressive.






I went straight out to the homer spit and the public campground. The spit is just a dirt finger heading out from Homer and curling around into the Kachemak bay.








That night I headed to the Salty Dawg. A few minutes after I showed up some sisters came in, I guess to bless the place or something, I donít know. Some Australian guy named Shannon kept using my shoulder for balance, apparently he had been there for a while. He ordered a beer and a mixed drink and couldnít remember why he ordered the mixed drink. He started drinking it and remembered he bought it for another Australian lady named Amy. Instead of giving her the half empty drink, he opted to fill it back up with beer. A little while later Amy and I were sitting at the bar talking and I asked how she liked that drink. It turns out she was ordering a beer for Shannon at the time and she drank it halfway and I refilled it with water, serves him right. I ended up shooting pool with all these people for the rest of the night and then headed back to camp.



Back at camp I sat on the beach enjoying a warm Alaska night with a full moon. The bay was so calm it looked like glass with the moon reflecting off of it.




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