Ouray to Springerville, Arizona 370 Miles





Iím planning to ride home today. Iím going to head into Durango for breakfast. Thereís a nice little bakery and breakfast/Lunch diner that I always stop at when I travel through Durango.

























Lotís of construction on the Ouray to Durango road near Silverton. This is one of my favorite spots in Colorado and I was bummed that all this road construction was going on. The benefit though is that soon this road will be top notch, it looks like their totally redoing the road.



From Durango I headed to Cortez and decided to go down New Mexico through Shiprock and to Gallup before heading over 40 into Arizona.





Into Arizona I turned south at 191 and headed through St. Johns and into Springerville. I decided to stay the night in the pines. No need to rush into the triple digit Phoenix heat and I wanted to ride highway 191 from Alpine to Morenci in the morning.



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