Springerville to Phoenix 325 Miles


This road started out innocent enough. A little windy through the pines past Alpine the winding road increased a little but still nothing major.
















Definitely a very windy road. The turns kept picking up and bordered on insane. So many 180 degree, 10 MPH turns I quit counting. I stopped at Blue Vista to enjoy the overlook. I didnít realize but the best was yet to come.
















Those black dots in the Morenci mine are the enormous dump trucks that these big mines use. I headed back through Safford, Globe and on into Phoenix. Bummer the trips over and now I have to go back to work. I wish I was rich and could just ride non-stop.


The stats on my trip are:


Miles ridden:†††† 14,000

Weight loss:††††† 15 Lbs.

Pictures taken:2406

Days:††††††††††††††† 69