Jasper 320 Miles



We left Dawson Creek and headed over to Grand Prairie. This is just mindless riding with nothing to see and I was looking forward to getting down into some more scenery.

















As we got down south of Grand Prairie the views actually started improving somewhat.





Into Jasper and the park it was totally scenic again.

















In Arizona were I grew up itís a rare occurance to see a Bull Elk like this at all but here it was standing on the side of the road while people were all around taking pictures.





Jasper has a big forest fire going on right now. As we entered the park further, we could see the helicopters dipping buckets in the lake and flying upto dump them on the fire. This was a controlled burn fire that got out of control from the firefighters.













We found a choice campground just outside of town and went into jasper for Dinner and a few drinks. I found Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise to be a bit uptight for my tastes. This was like the Aspen/Vail of Canada, snobby, with anti-american songs from bands in the bars. The scenery is decent although not the best Iíve seen, but the people, I can do without.






The next morning before I headed out, I went up the Gondola and took a few pics of the town from above.



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