Columbia Icefield 200 Miles



After leaving Jasper, I came across another Bull on the side of the road. He looked up when I pulled up and went back to eating. I knew when I started my bike he would look up and I got this pic just as I started my bike.














I remember talking to 2 women from Toronto last night and I made the comment that the scenery wasnít as impressive to me after coming from Alaska. They either thought I was an idiot or that Alaska was just phenomenal. With me coming in from the North, at Jasper, I hadnít seen any of this and I can say this drive rates with any I did in Alaska.













































The mountains in some spots looked like the plates had overlapped and caused on side to shift up in the air.














Hopefully this pic is self explanatory that itís Lake Louise. I guess itís too nice to put a hotel near so they built a Chateau.







Beyond Lake Louise, I came into Banff and had Dinner and left as soon as possible.













I spent the night outside of Banff and the next morning I headed for the border. Down through Calgary and south to the border.


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