Homer day 2 and 3


I took care of some running around town and picking up some things I needed in the morning and that evening I saw a familiar face walking down the beach. Stephanie from Seward had arrived in Homer and we met up and planned to go to the Salty Dawg, I guess one more night at the Dawg couldnít hurt. It was actually a pretty calm evening for a change. The next day I was going to move camp down to the nicer campground where Stephanie had camped.




The firewood was free at the cheap beach spot I was in and I brought a couple of logs with me so we could have a fire that night.














I got camp all setup and we were going for a ride around homer. Stephanie had been reading about Halibut cove so we planned to go there in the evening after the ride.














We headed out on some high road above Homer and the views were spectacular.













We got back to the spit in time for the Halibut cove ride and headed out about 4:30.















Halibut cove is about as picturesque a place as Iíve ever seen.





















We wandered around the cove walking along planked walkways that led you through artist shops, restaurants and by private homes.






Before dinner we headed out onto a trail that went to the high spot on this little island and was supposed to be to the arch we saw on the way in but we couldnít see it. Here it is though from the ride in.






















We got back to the spit in the evening and got a campfire going and managed to see the sunset from Homer which Iíve heard a lot about. The next morning I headed for Whittier and the ferry to Valdez and then to Cordova.


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