Trip to Haines 640 Miles


I road out to Glennallen that night after McCarthy and headed for Tok and then haines Junction the next morning. On the way out of town the mountains of the Wrangle St. Elias national park and Preserve were visible in the distance.















On this stretch out of Glennallen I ran into the most road construction so far on my trip. By this point it wasn’t any problem riding gravel roads and the feeling of ballbearing sized gravel under the tires.






After haines Junction I headed for the American border but decided to camp before it and ride in the morning. A lady in haines junction told me the border closed at 10:00 and I wouldn’t have made it. I found out later that may not have been correct, but no big deal.












The next morning on the way to the border this little guy was waiting for me off the side of the road. I watched him for about 15 minutes and he seemed totally unconcerned with me on the road.










My plan was to ride into Haines in time to catch the ferry over to Skagway but when I arrived I looked around town and decided this was a cool little town and stayed for a day.









That day I setup camp and road around town taking pictures of cool spots out on the backroads.














The next morning I packed up for the ferry ride and while at camp a blackhawk helicopter landed in the field next to camp. Today the town was gearing up for a celebration and part of it was a demonstration blackhawk at the fairgrounds.








The ferry ride was no big deal and only takes an hour from Haines to Skagway. On the way over we passed a pod of humpbacks in the Taiya inlet.


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