Skagway is a neat little town although totally kept alive by Cruise ship tourism. Everything around here revolves around how many ships are in and the total number of people getting off. The day I got in was a no ship day and basically everyones day off the next day when I road down for breakfast I could see what the town was about. The streets were lines as far as you could see with people from the cruise ships.





I met a lot of the seasonal workers over at Moes Frontier bar which was the locals hangout. They directed me to the good camp spot and what to do while I was in town. I would say this town had the friendliest people Iíve met so far. I stayed 2 days but really could have spent more time and want to come back here.


The next day I visited some of the local attractions. This store front is what remains of Dyea. The town of Dyea back in the gold rush was the same size as Skagway but the railway went into Skagway and this town died. These few remnants are all that remains of Dyea at the start of the Chilcoot trail.








Down the road from Dyea was the slide cemetery. This spot back during the gold rush was the burial spot for everyone that was cought in an Avalanche on the Chilcoot trail back in 1898.




After a couple of days ion Skagway I headed out and up to Whitehorse and on my way back on the Alcan highway.





On the way out of Skagway the road leading up to the pass is a nice motorcycle road with great scenery.



Just beyond the pass out of town I came across a black bear off the side of the roqad chewing o the thick grass.



This spot on the Klondike Highway had the bluest lake Iíve ever seen. Iíve seen this lake before in pictures from other travelers on trips and it didnít disappoint me when I road up to it.


Iím in Whitehorse now uploading the files and headed back on the Alaskan Highway.


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