Exit Glacier hike



We started out the 7.7 Mile hike about 11:00 with slightly overcast skies and the temps were a little cool.
















The cool temperatures werenít a problem for long since the hike was straight up to the top of the glacier and then straight back down. Every now and then we would break out of the trees and get a very nice look at the glacier on the way up.





















There were also nice canyons along the trail with very blue water from the glacier and some streams and waterfalls with runoff from the snow up above.


































About half way up we got a glimpse of a black bear with a cub but they were quite a ways off and they seemed totally unconcerned with us. This hike is very popular and if their in the area a lot, Iím sure they see quite a few people.





As we got up above the tree line we had unobstructed views of the glacier the rest of the hike.
















We came across a marmot along the trail shortly after the bear sighting and he was nice enough to pose for several pictures.





















And thereís the money shot.






The trails were steep and we needed to stop and rest every now and then. The views during the breaks were quite nice.














The hikers I went up with from left to right were Mike, Jeb, Myself and Robyn. Iíve met all these people on the road and down in Seward we all decided to do the hike together. This is a hut on the mountain not quite to the top but a nice place to stop and take a break and enjoy the views.





















When we got to the top we got a look at the icefield. Beneath all this ice is probably a huge canyon just like the one in the valley below.



The view from the top and the glacier looking down the canyon was the best yet.




Iím staying one more day in Seward and then heading to Homer and hopefully more fun.



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