Dempster Highway 1000 miles over 3 days.


We headed out at about noon, neither of us was moving too fast as you can well imagine. The first couple of miles were paved but the rest was all dirt. This highway has a bad reputation for eating tires so most of the motorhomes avoid it and later down the road I could see why.














The views down this road were spectacular, around each turn another peak or valley better than the last one and more dirt riding than anyone could ask for. The weather was perfect for this ride and the bikes were doing great and it was starting out to be a great day.































This section of the road is a mountain pass.












































click picture for larger picture.















We finally got to Eagle Plains, the only outpost on the road. Got gassed up and some food and headed back out. The helicopters were flying in for gas regularly and it was a busy place. Just down the hill was a small forest fire going on.








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