Dempster Highway day 2


The first thing in the morning we crossed the Arctic Circle.































When we left here I lost my hat and figured I would look for it on the way back. When I reached Inuvik another rider rode up and said ďI know a hat that would look great on youĒ. Iím totally clueless so I say ďGreat because I lost mine and need to buy a new oneĒ. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out my hat, cool, I love that smelly nasty hat.























Things start to flatten out a bit and we get into the arctic and the tundra.


































We made it to the first ferry just as they were leaving and they stopped to pick us up. This is a short crossing and they use a cable connected to the ferry to keep it in one spot on the river.












We rolled up on the second ferry spot down at the bottom of the hill and the ferry was just coming across the river.












The last part into Inuvik is flat and straight and donít think these truckers donít know it. These guys are moving and the dust behind them completely obliterates the roadway for several seconds after you pass. Basically you have to just keep riding until you pass the huge dust cloud.




We finally reached Inuvik and did a little tourist shopping and had a couple of cold ones.





















If you ever ride or drive the Dempster highway to Inuvik stop the Tourist center. They will print you out an official looking document about successfully competing the dempster highway.















Only donít draw on their posters they donít like that very much.












On the way out we had some storm clouds brewing in the distance.








The bikes were definitely leaning coming across the plains as the winds picked up and was really blowing. I donít think I could have stopped because the wind would have blown me over. Riding on gravel didnít help any either, the wind was sliding our tires sideways as we rode and tried to keep the bikes on the roads.







I managed to find a sheltered place to pitch my tent right past Eagle Plains. I think I took this pic around Midnight.



The next morning the weather was good and I headed out. David decided to stay in another day and fish the great streams we had passed on the way in. I opted to head back to dawson City get a hotel room a shower and a good nights sleep. We would meet up tomorrow and head for the Top of the World Highway.



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