Top of the World Highway 291 miles


We left Dawson City and headed for the Top of the World highway. I’m looking forward to seeing other places but definitely loved being in Dawson City. I would have to say that’s my favorite place of the trip.



























As we headed out on the dirt Highway I noticed the clouds in the distance and wondered if this wet highway could be interesting riding, especially since were carrying our tires over to Fairbanks so that after the run to Prudhoe bay we can change out back to road tires.




Yep, that’s exactly what happened, we hit wet roads coming over the top but the traction wasn’t a problem. We actually weren’t to the dirt section of the Top of the world highway but if this construction area was any indication of the road ahead it could get interesting.















Up ahead was the border crossing at Poker Creek. This is the furthest North border into the US and is just a remote outpost.









We played 20 questions with the border people and surprisingly they let us in. Now we were headed to the US side which is the dirt section of the Top of the World highway.





















Apparently it only rains in Canada because the US side of the highway seemed untouched and was firm ground. The views were stunning in spots coming over the highway and I thought this was one of the best.






We got to Chicken Alaska and did some tourist stuff, buying some hats and stuff.





We stopped at the Chicken saloon since it has some notoriety and is considered a can’t miss spot.
















This is the inside of the saloon full of caps, notes and women’s undergarments that people decided to leave while traveling by.








This is the Chicken poop outhouse at Chicken.












We finally left there after sitting and shooting the breeze for a while and only a few miles after chicken we hit pavement again.










This Alaska is big country. It feels much larger than riding through Canada but that may just be the area I’m riding in. We travel on straight roads like these endlessly and every time we crest another hill this same scene plays out again.







Everytime I see one of these rivers I scour the surface looking for bears. This scenery just seems like there should be some big Grizzly bear walking across there looking for a meal.












Come on Grizzly I know your out there.



We eventually found a campground in Delta Junction and stopped for the night. David headed out at midnight to do laundry at the local laundramat at I guess he watched Leno with the sun still up stuck in a laundramat. Tomorrow we head to Fairbanks and meet up with the George the Fairbanks BMW guru to plan tire changes and see what else we need.





On the way in too Fairbanks I actually drove by the North Pole, and yes it does exist. At the North Pole I actually saw Santa Claus standing out front and he waved at me as I drove by.





We arrived at Georges the next day and as he walked out of his shop, I said “how’s it going”, and he replies “good until I saw you guys”. That’s George and I’ve already heard all about him. He’s ornery and difficult at times but after a few minutes of speaking to him I instantly liked the type of person he was. A direct and no bull type of guy but he loved his bikes and could talk in depth about any year and model BMW you wanted to talk about. He agreed to change our tires when we returned from Prudhoe bay and even let us stash some extra gear and spare tires in his shop until we returned.






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