Montana to Colorado 1130 Miles


Towards the Canadian border I was riding across prairie and once reentering the lower US the prairie continued until around St. Maryís. I had originally planned to head over the road to the sun in Glacier National Park but due to a forest fire the road was closed and visibility was poor.


St. Maryís to Browning, Montana was a nice little twisty road with nice scenery. This didnít last long though after that I was back onto the prairie and headed into Great Falls. I stayed the night in Great Falls and treated myself to a nice room at Howard Johnsonís. I thought I would get a nice nightís sleep and be refreshed for the next few days riding to Colorado Springs where I would stay with friends.









The next morning in Great Falls I didnít feel rested but instead felt very tired and did my Internet thing and headed out of town for a short 180 Mile ride to Bozeman. I noticed I had very little energy and stopped outside Bozeman and pitched my tent for the night. It was fairly obvious that I was getting sick, my appetite was gone and I was definitely running a fever. That night I crashed in my tent at 8:00 and got up at 2:00 the next day. I chilled and overheated all night long in my tent.









The next morning I rode into Bozeman and got gas. By now I was fully engulfed in some major illness. This totally sucked!! I needed to get to Colorado Springs by the weekend and my tire was totally shot and needed to be replaced. I pushed on to West Yellowstone stopping every 50 miles to lay down and rest so I could ride farther.






Bozeman to West Yellowstone was pretty but far too much traffic and all I wanted to do was get somewhere else. When I got to West Yellowstone I kept going and rode right through Yellowstone and continued south to Jackson, Wyoming.







I made it into Jackson about 8:00 and must have looked like death. I only rode 215 Miles from Bozeman but people were saying things like, you look like you came along way. In the campground some people offered me dinner and coffee. This was the low point, I could barely setup my tent, I would set it up a little and then lay down and rest. This went on for about an hour until it was setup. I climbed into my tent and started another night of chilling in my sleeping bag. At this point Iím thinking that I need to see a Doctor or go to a Hospital.







The next morning I felt a little better. I managed to order a tire to be delivered to a Friend in Colorado Springs and I ate half a pancake. This was the first food in 2 days. I headed out and actually managed a 350 mile day to Craig, Colorado. I stayed at Craig Motel for $32 and inspected my worn out tire.










At this point in my trip I planned to meet a friend in Denver tomorrow evening and the next day head to Colorado Springs. This left me only 200 miles tomorrow and I planned to take it slow in case my tire blew.









The next day I did take it slow but didnít have much choice. The road was full of construction zones on highway 40 and I putted into Denver in the evening. So far the tire is holding and I have one in Colorado Springs waiting for me to arrive. I stayed with a friend in Denver and the next day I headed into Colorado Springs. The tire was down right scary but didnít blow on me.



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