Vancouver Island day 3 130 Miles


The ride out to the main highway 19 was uneventful but still a beautiful ride. I made my way up to Sayward.



Sayward is a small town a few kilometers off the main highway and I found a decent diner for breakfast.









I pretty much had all day top make it 130 miles and was riding alone today as David had gone ahead to change his oil in Port Hardy.




He ended up finding a shop named OK tires that was totally cool to him and let him use a bay and gave him tools.






I continued up and made a pitstop in Port Mcneill. I decided to get a big duffle to offload some of my gear and carry it on the ferry and then maybe I can store some gear in the towns before we go to the dirt sections.
































A short time later I arrived in Port hardy and stopped at a wildlife observation stand and caught this bald eagle perched on a fallen tree. Apparently there are many many Bald eagles in town and the locals seemed unimpressed.












Later that night after dinner I saw birds dive bombing a tree near a park and shortly realized that it was a bald eagle perched in the top of this tree waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting fish.


Continue to Port hardy to Prince Rupert ferry