Vancouver Island Day 1-130 miles

This morning I wasn’t moving fast at all. We packed up and headed for the ferry and on the way we stopped at an outdoor shop and got some bear repellant. In a few days we will be in what the border agent called the Canadian wilderness and I think that means your on your own.


We got separated on the way to the ferry and I just kept going and figured we would know where to go and made it to the ferry not 5 minutes before it borded. It wouldn’t have mattered though because ferries leave for Vancouver Island every hour and if you miss one you can just grab another.





After I got on the ferry and got situated I got a call on my cell phone, “Where are you”. “Well I’m on the ferry”, “me too”. Apparently we both made it on the same ferry and were headed in the right direction.



We regrouped off the ferry and started heading North. The scenery was beautiful and the roads were fun. All this green is starting to blend together though with so many days of riding the roads by motorcycle.









It wasn’t long after I took this panorama that I was getting really hungry. In the rush to get to the ferry this morning I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was starting to feel it as it was 4:00 in the afternoon. We started looking for a place to stop but nothing was really coming up, so we saw an arrow pointing to what looked to be a harbor and headed that way.



This road was cool but really seemed to lead nowhere, we eventually turned around and took another turnoff and we found a little town nestled back in by the water.




The homes in this town all back to the water with their own docks and some homes are actually the dock floating on the water.



We found a little restaurant and ordered the biggest plate of seafood they made which turned out to be $60 canadian but I didn’t care. By this time I was starved and oblivious to the fact that shortly after I started eating it began to rain on me. I had my face buried in the plate of seafood and only looked up occasionally to grunt. We headed down the road and I was fat and happy. A nice couple had told us about the Rathrover Beach provincial park and we found a campsite there.





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