I arrived in the little town of Talkeetna and got into the Roadhouse which had a $20 bunkbed that I could stay in.

















The Roadhouse was known for great Breakfast and it was fantastic. I would sit on these picnic benches each morning and eat before I set off for the day doing pretty much nothing.






Every evening I seemed to wind up in the Fairview pub. The first night I met up with a bunch of Swedish climbers that had just completed summiting Mckinley and they were celebrating. Myself, one of the emergency climbers stationed on mckinley with the parks service and the Swedes ended up heading down to another pub. They got thrown out almost immediately for being too roudy and I stayed behind after that and shot pool with the locals. I could tell from the bartenders calling each other that they had been cutoff and were getting near to Alaskan justice with a good bar brawl with the locals. The locals in these little towns donít put up with too much hassles from the climbers and I guess they get their fill each year. The next day I met up with the American climber who works for the parks service and we had a good laugh about it. Tomorrow Iím taking a plane around Mckinley.


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