Day 6 200 Miles, Day 7, 0 miles just hanging out.


Today is the final push to Seattle and the last stop before entering Canada. I ended up hanging around camp this morning and finishing up web page information. David Smith headed into town and the Post Office to find out any information he could about his tires. Apparently David ordered these tires a month ago to be shipped to Whitehorse and they never arrived. He ended up riding out ahead to some towns up the road while I finally got up and packed all my stuff. By about 11:30AM I was ready to head out myself.



As I headed out of camp right in the road ahead of me was a small doe and a fawn. The little fawn still had her spots and looked like a very young one. I stopped to take some pics of the Deer and I could tell the mom was not too pleased about that. She kept a weary eye on me and was huffing the whole time.


After leaving the camping area, I headed around Hammond and back to 101 and over to Astoria. Astoria is right on the mouth of the Columbia River and the Columbia River makes up the border between Washington and Oregon. Heading across the water to Astoria I ran into about an hour delay because of construction on the bridge.



This is actually the bridge heading across the Columbia River from Astoria. The mouth of the Columbia was enormous and looked like a couple of miles across. The bridge at maximum height was about 300 feet and in this part Iím riding on was a steep slope down to the water. After finally getting through the construction zone it was smooth sailing the rest of the day until getting into Seattle at rush hour but thatís to be expected.


The riding in Washington was peaceful and I rode alone for the first part of the day just taking my time and enjoying the scenery along the way. I stayed on 101 and met up with David again in Westport. From there we headed inland over to Seattle onto my friend Jonathan Simonís home. I met Jonathan during the winter riding down through baja and he allowed us to stay at his home while we were in Seattle.


Jonathan also had a set of tires stored for me that I planned to change when I got there. The tires I had when I left were well worn and I knew I needed a new set but wanted to make them last as long as possible, as well as having a fresh set of tires when I entered Canada.


I took the tires off and Jonathan took me to the tire shop to have the new tires fitted for the trip. As you can see from the picture below the old rear Tourance tire was pretty well worn and wouldnít have lasted much longer.









Were staying at Jonathanís house June 11th and 12th and will head to Vancouver on the 13th and spend Friday night in Vancouver, should be fun ;-)~


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