Dalton road exit



The next morning I went over to the general Store and bought a few souveniers and got a quick pic and some gas.








I also got a quick pic of the palacial palace I spent the night while in deadhorse Alaska and then we were ready to leave.









First things first though, we had to stop along the side of the road on the edge of town and smoke the victory cigar. We made it as far North as we planned to go and now we were headed back. It didnít matter if it took us a month to get back we made it and now it was downhill, except for that 2 mile muddy section which I havenít mentioned yet.

















On the way back I got some more impressive pics of the brooks range and headed for them.






I wasnít sure if this section was going to be as muddy as on the way up but it was. Every bit as slippery and loose. It didnít matter what type of tires you had here, we were slipping as slideing all the way down this section.







Apparently the road had just been graded and not yet packed and the rain had turned it into a total slide fest. We both managed it without going down but I definitely had a few close calls and almost bailed off the bike a few times.











After we made it though I got this quick pic of me and the bike while the mud saga was still fresh on my mind.














That night we found a rock quarry just south of Coldfoot and setup camp. The next day would be an easy ride up and out.










We got to the Yukon river the next morning and I got something to eat and gassed up. I couldnít help but take this pic of the back of my bike after wipeing off the letters for my license plate.



On the way out we headed by the forest fire again. This time it seemed like the road was going straight through it







Actually the road ended up skirting the border of the fire and the worst was a few miles off the road.









After we got back on the main road to Fairbanks we decided to head to Chena Hot Springs and soak. The road over there was full of moose and I stopped constantly and watched the moose and photographed them.




















































Tomorrow I put back on my street tires and change my oil and get ready to head out to Denali national park. The next update will be after denali and who knows what else.



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