We arrived into Cordova at about noon. Cordova is a nice little fishing village accessible only from the ferry.
















The little town of Cordova was everything I expected in a little town. It had pretty much one of everything you needed but not much more. I buzzed right through town but would be back that evening after I got my camp all setup.







A forest service worker on the boat had told me about the Alaganik Slough camping area. It was a gorgeous little spot surrounded by wetlands and was totally deserted. I picked the choice spot overlooking a river flowing by.











I headed into town and ended up at the Alaskan bar and met Una and Mike. Una was from Ireland and had been working in Oregon until her and Mike got contract work on a cannery boat. They were in port from the cannery boat for the first time in a month and were just doing it for the summer and then would head back to Oregon. There was a live band playing blues in the background and a good time was had by all. When I headed back to camp at my deserted little spot 20 miles outside of town, a fog had set in on the marshland. It was weird riding alone at night in the middle of nowhere through a fog at midnight.


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